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Game Summary

1 month ago @ 7:52AM

Boys Varsity Golf vs. Multiple Opponents

Game Date
May 20, 2024

Sr Connor Younts, Sr Jacob Rothman, Sr Nate Arntz, Soph Robert McDonald, Frosh Brandon Ruhl

The Redwolves entered the LCAA Championships with one goal on its mind and that was to win the day and hope for some help from a few other teams to help them in their quest of a league title. The Redwolves took care of their end and ended up winning the 18 hole Championship with a solid score of 351, however the team we needed to pass, due to a 5th place and 6th place showing in two of our Jamborees earlier in the year left us in 2nd place for the season behind Blissfield. We won 3/5 LCAA events but the hole we dug ourselves was just to much to get out of, however the boys did GRIND all season and we had some good things happen to our kids. In the 18 Hole Championship the Redwolves had three of the top 10 finishers on the day: T9th Nate Arntz 89, 7th Robert McDonald 87 and 1st Jacob Rothman 80, Also playing well were Brandon Ruhl 95 and Connor Younts 98. "I'm so proud of these kids, especially today, as we talked and they knew what they had to do on the day and they did it!! We know because of the earlier Jamborees the situation we were in and the boys just finished strong and kept working to try and win that Championship. If we had 1 more Jamboree, without a doubt we would have pulled out the win......but that's life and you need to continue to push forward to reach goals that you have out there. I am so glad I got to coach this bunch of  guys!! We play in the MHSAA Regionals next Tuesday and as of right now we are going to be fighting for a spot in the State Finals. We need to just take 1 shot at a time and see where it puts us at the end of the day. Excited for the upcoming opportunity" commented Coach Ramos.

351 Clinton, Overall 2nd Place

361 Blissfield, Overall 1st Place

362 Onsted, Overall 4th Place

372 Dundee, Overall 3rd Place

380 Hudson, Overall 6th Place

384 Madison, Overall 7th Place

385 Ida, Overall 5th Place

387 Hillsdale, Overall 8th Place