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1 month ago @ 12:27PM

Clinton Athletics Summer Activities Checklist

The following is a list of some of the restrictions/protocols that will be in place starting on June 15 for summer workouts. This list may change in the next few days to take into account a new MHSAA update.

1.) School sports activities may resume when the academic year has ended AND the school district has declared facilities open. The first of these criteria happens on Thursday, June 11. The second will occur on Monday, June 15. Therefore, OUTDOOR ONLY activities will be able to resume on campus starting on Monday, June 15.

2.) Any activity that is taking place starting on June 15 must be outdoors and must practice social distancing. No exceptions. The training room, locker room, wrestling room, gym, and weight room are all off limits until indoor workouts are approved.

3.) We have moved to a "Modified Step 2" as it pertains to the implementation of these outdoor activities. This means the following protocols must take place before, during, and after every workout.

  • Adequate cleaning of surfaces and equipment between workouts, wash hands, go home and shower, use sanitizer. 
  • 100 or less people may gather outside but should be organized in a way where participants are not gathering at the same time at the entrance or exit of the workout area.
  • Workouts should be conducted using the "Pod" set up. This means that small groups of students should work out together and stay together for the duration of the workout. 
  • Each coach and athlete will be screened prior to the workout using the form attached below. If any athlete reports symptoms or has a temperature above 100.3, they will not be allowed to participate and will be sent home. This information will be kept confidential at all times. 
  • Athletes not participating in rigorous physical activity should wear a mask while on the sideline or while sitting out.
  • No high fives, hugs, fist bumps, or spitting should occur.  

4.) All youth camps are suspended at this time. We will revisit scheduling these if/when restrictions loosen.

5.) MHSAA Summer Dead Week will not be observed in 2020 at Clinton.

We need to follow these guidelines strictly. I appreciate everyone's patience and adaptability throughout this process! 

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